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Personalised jewellery

Mirabilia - Gioielli personalizzati
Gioielli personalizzati

Few can boast of owning a personalised piece of jewellery; purchasing or giving an object of this kind is a choice that marks you out.

We create exclusive jewellery items in both silver and gold, with precious stones, hard stones and enamels.

If you’ve inherited or own jewellery that’s become worn or no longer reflects your tastes, we can “reinvent” it, maybe adding new parts and creating something entirely new and unique.
Here are some examples of interventions we’ve already carried out:


Collier Ametiste

A typical example of a jewellery item containing two period elements: the necklace, with 33 cut amethyst beads (about 8 carats each) from the mid 19th century, of extraordinary quality, has been combined with a red gold clasp with a Sciacca coral cameo of the same period.

Collana con giade cinesi

This item was inspired by the long necklaces popular during the Belle Époque, and was designed to make use of three period pieces – three Chinese jade nephrites in openwork of different colours, linked with little yellow gold bars with exposed studs. The piece is completed with a long string of Australian Baroque pearls alternated with smaller, spherical ones with a slightly rosy hue.

Anello con tormalina verdelite

This exclusive ring in yellow gold has a large, 22-carat, emerald-cut tourmaline decorated on two sides with 19th century Sciacca coral horns.


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