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Assessments and Evaluations

Perizie e valutazioni
Mirabilia has always offered a guarantee with its sales, in the form of authenticity certificates. We can therefore provide a service of assessments, estimates and evaluations (cooperating with recognised sectorial experts) for every type of object.

Apart from the expertise (the warranty and authenticity certificates that accompany all the jewellery items and objects on, we can also supply assessments, evaluations and personalised estimates for both your valuables and your general period items, whether as a guarantee of their historical and artistic authenticity or to establish their market value for insurance purposes or when drawing up wills or handling an inheritance.
An assessment is usually requested when the client needs a guarantee of historical/artistic authenticity (and therefore a guarantee of value) so the item can be catalogued in the right way or sold with all the supporting documentation.
An assessment is a precise, detailed analysis of the work in order to draw up a document that also contains photographic evidence. The item is analysed from a technical and artistic viewpoint to establish its age, geographical origin and condition, subsequently formulating a historical/artistic evaluation and, when requested, an economic estimate as well.

In the case of testamentary distributions, inheritance, insurance purposes or mere cataloguing, an evaluation and estimate are required. Naturally, this involves clarifying the commercial value of an object – something that changes with time because it’s linked to the degree of market interest (in turn affected by the rarity of the item and by subjective aspects, as well as specific ones). An evaluation gives you the commercial sale/purchase value of the item. It can be requested not only for a single item but for complete collections (as the total value of the entire collection).


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