La Galleria delle Meraviglie
Behind the selection and purchase of all our jewellery items lies the spirit and skill of the collector. They’re chosen above all because of the feelings and emotions they convey: the beauty and stories of times gone by, combined with artistic and artisan qualities that have now almost disappeared but that we want to pass on to you.


Our collection isn’t just a series of objects for measuring time; these are real jewellery items that bear witness to the art of highly skilled goldsmiths and artisans. Sometimes they hide their true nature behind exquisite decorations, or conceal the remarkable stories of those who lived in the past.



Costume jewellery
Costume jewellery expresses the creativity and imagination of artists who have left their mark on the fashion and elegance of an entire age. Originally created as fake reproductions of valuable jewellery, to be worn when travelling (while the genuine pieces were kept safely under lock in a strongbox), these items have become a timeless fashion that attracts generations of fans. PURCHASE NOW

Gifts and fancy goods

Surrounding oneself with beautiful, rare, precious things is a source of happiness and well-being, not only spiritual but also physical. That’s why we offer you the chance to choose from a wide range of items, made of countless different materials and designed to be both decorative and practical.

Mirabilia - Calamaio da scrivania
Inkwell desk

Important inkstand in embossed silver and ruby red crystal, with a watch-holder and retractable bell, second half of the 19th c.

Glass vase

Rare glass vase decorated with violets, designed by Daum Nancy, 1897-98

Mirabilia - Brocche da farmacia
Chemist’s jugs

Two prized chemist’s jugs with a polychrome floral pattern on a white background (on the left, with a gothic-style inscription, Lodi, 1765-70; on the right, with a festooned inscription), Turin, c.1770


Suede handbag, Sorelle Fontana, 1960

Coat in black satin with an oriental-style embroidered floral pattern, early 20th c.

Hats and scarves
Straw hat with applied velvet flowers, bearing the designer’s name, 1930

Period lace and underwear
Small Brussels lace shawl, early 20th c.


“La famiglia”, original etching, signed by A. Ostade, 1648

Guide to Rome, Pietro Martire Felini, 1625

French illustrated postcard, 1920

“La Mode Illustrée, Journal de la Famille”, 1902-04


When it comes to investing in antiques, being able to count on experienced, honest, reliable professionals is like finding a friend – in other words, a real treasure. And that’s exactly what we want to be.

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Real gift-giving had its happiness in imagining the happiness of the receiver. It meant choosing, spending time, going out of one’s way, thinking of the other as a subject: the opposite of forgetfulness. Hardly anyone is still capable of this
Theodor Adorno

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